Click on a thumbnail to see a detailed description of the costume and a link to more photos of each costume.

Strider from LotR: Fellowship of the RingPrincess Mononoke and Prince AshitakaGrima WormtongueAragorn's Royal ArmorEowyn's Green GownEowyn's White WoolSamurai WarriorArwen's Chase DressAlienBlood Red at ChristmasEowyn's Travel CoatDenethorArwen's Requiem DressBlack AngelFairyFrodoArwen's Cranberry DressGimliGaladriel's Mirror DressRosie Cotton's Dancing DressSamwise GamgeeCast of the TickTwilight WitchkingGreen Suede Chase DressWonderwoman and Other costumesRosie Cotton's Wedding BodiceHistorical Reenactment CostumesArwen's Mourning GownAragorn's Council VelvetsPrincess Leia:  A New HopeCocktail DressLeather Coat

Stay tuned for more additions to this page!  I'm slowly getting all of them uploaded to the site...

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